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Vastu Shastra is the science that equally affectsall humans of the world. If we want to have good luck, happiness and peace in our lifethan the necessity to have the knowledge of Vastu Shastra is inevitable.If the building (home, shop or office) where we live or work is built on the Vastu principles, it brings in good health, wealth, glory, peace and harmony in our life.

Though many factors govern the life of a human includinghis fate, karma and surroundings BUT VASTU CAN MAKE SWEET THINGS SWEETER AND BITTER, LESS BITTER.
"Vastu" is a Sanskrit word which means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. The word Vastu is derived from the root word 'Vas' which means 'to reside'. Hence, Vastu Shastra is actually a science of dwelling based on the principles of Vastu.

Vastushatra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture,which literally translates to "science of architecture," while architecture is the science,art or profession of designing and constructing building etc.Building a house in ancient India was not only a house-craft but also a sacred ceremony and the house was considered a living organism.The spirit of the house was called the "VastuPurusha" and different cardinal directions and sectors were assigned to different Gods like Brahma,Indra,Agni,Varun,Yam and Demonsince the waves flowing in a particular direction have aspecific influence.

For example, Ishan or north-east is presided over by God and therefore suitable for a puja room. The South-East belongs to Agni. The central space is Brahma's and should be left open to the heavens. The head and limbs of the VastuPurusha are to be left alone too.Many rules are common sense as they relate to ventilation and sunlight but some are principles that affect humans and have also been verified and appreciated by those who did not believed in them initially.

The Shastra is being gradually applied not only in houses but also in Commercial buildings and industries, where the client's stakes are high.Thus there is a great need for the architects and Vastu Engineers to coordinate and work in harmony. This means that if a house or industry is constructed according to "Vastu" man's destiny may change for the betterment.

It's believed that if the construction is not according to the principles of "VASTU" then thoughts and action of the people dwelling or working in these places is not harmonious and evolutionary; leading to disorder, illness and undesired results.

This world and in the world everything man,animals are made up from PANCH-MAHABHOOT, that is the five basic elements - Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Sky.The entire universe is made up of these five elements. These five elements have very close relationship with humans and his environment. We build our homes and offices as per our requirements but these five elements and their powers have a strong effect on us.

If we give proper placements to these elements at proper locations in our building, we become ONE with Nature and nature is the God. One can experience the eternal truth of nature on every step.The whole nature is overpowered with magneticenvironment.So the whole universe is a composition of five basic elements: Fire,Water,Air,Earth and Sky or Space.The basic principle of Vastu enables us to achieve balance among these; giving more flexibility of body & mind for a better life. When the harmony between these is disturbed our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress,tension and ill health and our peace of mind is destroyed.



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“Vastu by Eesha” is a major junction en route the journey started by Mrs. Rinkal (Eesha) Goel in 2007 for VastuShastra, the "science of architecture".Eesha, today has many satisfied and happy clients in Delhi and also spread across the country besides abroad as well in Canada, Perth, London, Singapore&North Carolina.


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