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We are a well educated Vastu Consultants serving Vatsu consultancy for House, Plots, Offices, Factories, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels and Assembly Halls. We suggest simple and easy remedies only with nearly no displacement of windows/doors.

The Vaastu for Homes that we offer to our clients is availed by people from all strata of society. We carry out Vaastu strictly in conformation to the science that forbids unnecessary breaking down or structural changes once the construction is completed as we consider that to be defacement. The relocation of the entrance to channelizes the flow of energy. At the post construction stage, the flow of energies in and around a structure augments with our services.


We offer Vaastu for Shops with the objective of bringing in overall harmony in sales and footfalls. Vaastu is a science with laid down rules and regulations that if followed properly is sure to offer most accurate solutions. Our Vaastu treatment creates a harmonious energy field in a structure and brings in opportunities to increase the sales.


Vastu for office is an important aspect that decides a great deal in the way the business is faring and the amount of profits earned from them. It is of vital importance to the business venture as it helps boost the business in the best possible manner in the shortest time. Vast consultant offers appropriate solutions and suggestions enhancing your business opportunities and opening up newer venues. It helps create a healthy environment and fosters positive growth and development. It deals with all the aspects of your office right from selecting the plot of land to the construction of the building to the placement and arrangement of the furniture. You should also keep in mind the direction you are facing while sitting in your cabin.

Vaastu is a vital idea that clients take into consideration at the time of erecting homes and offices. As expert Vaastu consultants, we bring about alignment of the influences of the heavenly and supreme powers in various aspects. Vaastu for Offices carried out by us is greatly appreciated for their perfect solutions as the places bring in good luck and more prosperity.


The major factors to be kept in mind while selecting the plots are: The surrounding area, Level of the land and roads around it. You need to carefully observe the pattern or designs of the streets around it. You need to be extremely cautious while selecting the plot and carefully look into all the details and only then go ahead and purchase it. Square and rectangular sites are preferred as they bring good luck for the inhabitants as Vastu advocates balance, symmetry and harmony in construction.


Vastu for Factory ensures smooth and successful running of business ventures leading to greater production rate and better profits. It leads to prosperity and security. There are several things that need to be kept in the mind while setting guidelines for industries or factories like selection of site, positioning of electronic gadgets, construction of the guardroom, staff quarters, mess, chairman’s room, managing partner’s room and placement of raw materials, furnished goods, packaged material, ready items and many more. One can avoid all possible mishaps by following these simple steps and cure problems.

Factories and industrial structures need special attention while construction and should be free from any Vastu defect. It is very important to follow the right Vastu advice while constructing a factory, since it’s a business enterprise and should provide profits only. Following Vastu guidelines while planning factories helps avoid losses and untowardly incidents. In a factory, it is also imperative to tap the maximum potential of the laborers and have free movement of men and material Vastu proves to be of a great help in ensuring just that. The article lists some important Vasthu guidelines for a factory. Go through them and know the correct Vastu for building a factory.


Vastu and wealth is synonymous as one (Vastu) works well for the other (Wealth) and we can also say where things are according to Vastu wealth inflow will be unending. A Vastu compliment home can prosper you with good wealth. Wealth is the most important and essential priority in life and without money survival is impossible in all ways. To get an increase in your wealth, living place should be constructed with Vastu corresponding direction supportive for wealth

    For good wealth energies should be supportive at specific direction that can give a boost to your finances. Explore some important Vastu tips to increase wealth:
  • North is centre of Lord Kubera- God of wealth, so it is important to keep this direction energetic and positive so as to sustain good energies that help raise wealth.
  • North-east or Eshaan corner must be freed from any construction and if possible construct worship room while if it is not then keep this place clean and open.
  • Blocking East and North can harness money flow and obstruct in your earning capacity thereby increasing expenses over wealth.
  • Our house is a temple and we can only benefit from this temple if it is kept clean. Therefore to trigger up finances it is essential to keep all the clutter away from house.
  • Ensure that your house front door and entrance is not obstructed by any pole, wire, pit or other thing.


A successful career is the pivot of a man s life. Efforts start right from the time he is studying. In order to succeed students can follow Vaastu guidelines. His study table should be square or rectangle and of an appropriate size students facing the East or North while studying. The bookshelf is best placed in the North east North or East side of the study room. The table itself should be free of clutter and there should be a gap between the wall and the table. If you place a lamp in the South east corner of the study table it aids concentration. Light colours in the room help boost mental energies.

For professionals too there are guidelines in Vaastu shastra dictating placement of tables in the room. A crystal on the table promotes financial growth and lends a cheerful ambience to the room. The southern corner of the room should be well illuminated. Vaastu shastra advises that offices should not be next to bedrooms and should not have too many visitors. Tables should not have sharp corners and one should not sit with the back to an entrance. Rectangular desks are considered best for career professionals and keeping a vase of flowers on the east side of the desk promotes growth and prosperity of careers.


Vastu of a living place is all about procuring good health and all-round prosperity; precisely a house constructed on basis of Vastu rules attains 3 P’s of life Prosperity, Peace and Progress. A structure made with Vastu accordance yield you maximum benefits and bestows health, wealth and harmony. Generally principles of Vastu are followed in such a way that the occupants suffering from prolong illness or some defect cures organically or naturally as soon as the directions are altered.

Every house has one or other Vastu defect or dosh and many occupants who are unaware of this concept of Vastu don’t really understand the reason behind prolong illness of people living in that house. Some houses inherit disease due to constructed in wrong direction and many other Vastu dosh which can only be cured with effective measure. Vastu measures are conducive for quick recovery and combating chronic disease.


Every businessman would like to improve his business. No need to be pessimist. Vaasthu would certainly is there to render help.They may wonder why there should be a pit in the North-East. It indicates prosperity in abundance. It helps to solve many a problem. If the North is off low level, it brings profit; business increases. If the south is of height, it brings lots of money; if the North-East is high, it shunts prosperity. Such vaasthu tips will help us enormously.Some body will have Office in their business premises.


An Institution which gives a start to new life, achievements in the form of love, support, and identity is marriage. Our Ancient scriptures have defined marriage as a pious relation and have allotted separate duties for both the partners. Let us talk about some facts and requirements for marriage in a vastu way. The Almighty created man and woman to love each other and lead a peaceful life full of enjoyment.

Vastu Shastra principles can do wonders for love and affection between all family members. By following certain rules Vastu Shastra will ignite romance and deep feelings. It can help make relationship more enjoyable and fruitful. Vastu is a magnetic sort of energy and this energy is important for healthy relation to sustain in a living place. For example when we are in a park or riverside


Its true love is tender. But maintaining relationships are tough. And nothing really gets easier as time passes by.Every individual on earth - whether single or married, needs some luck in relationships and romance. Vastu Shastra is a vedic science of happy living. It is possible to nurture marital relationships and bring the spark back in your love life applying some of Vastu’s principles around your living and working space. If implemented accurately, it can help develop unbreakable bonds and make life with your partner/lover enjoyable and remarkable.

  • 1. According to Vastu, it’s important to make sure your bedroom is in the south-west direction.
  • 2. Sleep with your head facing south.
  • 3. Paint the master bedroom in purple,violet color tones to inspire trust.
  • 4. Increase the amount of light that enters the house and keep the house lit at all times, until bed time.
  • 5. Mirrors facing the bed in a bedroom encourage infidelity. Larger the size of the mirror, more harmful it is to a marriage life.


This service is aimed at finding out Vastu defects which are causing obstructions in the development of the child. Horoscope of the child is also considered and his education, health, his wisdom and discipline is evaluated on the basis of Vastu Shastra.This service is aimed at finding out Vastu defects which are causing obstructions in the development of the child. Horoscope of the child is also considered and his education, health, his wisdom and discipline is evaluated on the basis of Vastu Shastra.


Energy vastu is basically a science of structures that deals with the results of several directional powers on a building when it is constructed and completed. In fact they talk a lot more about directional forces and the four corner directions are northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. It can be said, man always depended on unknown for help, as he is knows that the unknown significantly play a good role in bestowing him wealth, health, happiness, and prosperity.


The interior signifies the space enclosed by the outer walls of the house. The interior is not like the homogeneous mass of that of any sweet but it differs from inch to inch so its very important to plan it accordingly. Sometimes a person living in Vastu based house can face problems if the interiors is not done in proper manner and many a times the problems can be rectified by changing the interiors of the house/office.


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“Vastu by Eesha” is a major junction en route the journey started by Mrs. Rinkal (Eesha) Goel in 2007 for VastuShastra, the "science of architecture".Eesha, today has many satisfied and happy clients in Delhi and also spread across the country besides abroad as well in Canada, Perth, London, Singapore&North Carolina.


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